The appraisal for insurance purposes is one that reflects the replacement value of the item. Our goal is to make certain that you are not paying a higher premium than necessary, while having the coverage you will need to obtain the full replacement value.

Estate & Divorce

In life, certain circumstances will demand accurate knowledge of the fair market value of important assets. If you have entered divorce proceedings or have inherited some jewelry, it may become necessary to obtain the value of these assets in order to divide ownership fairly. Shmukler Design has the required experience and data at hand to determine a market price that makes your distribution of assets equitable.


Liquidation & Sale

As an independent appraiser, our goal is simply to provide you with the documentation that communicates the value of your jewelry asset to justify the sale price. Our fair market appraisal is obtained by analyzing the characteristics of the gems, the aesthetic and demand for the jewelry piece, along with most current market data. We can also provide appraisals that provide validation of retail purchase price.


In cases where a receipt is not available to attest to the value of a donation, Shmukler Design can provide the fair market value of the asset donated. Our fair market appraisal is obtained by analyzing the characteristics of the gems, the design and popularity of the piece, along with most current market data.


Proof of Ownership

At times, it can be necessary to have the proof and documentation that a piece of jewelry belongs to you. In the case of theft, in which the hope is to retrieve your item or receive content insurance, the authorities will need documentation. Likewise, a gift received may need to be recorded as a transfer of ownership. Shmukler Design will understands the need for proof of ownership and can provide you with an appraisal as required

Affordable Fees

Due to the many years of gemology experience and current volume of jewelry worked with at Shmukler Design, we are continually conducting market research that ultimately benefits you. Therefore, you only pay for the time we spend with you as we incorporate our vast relevant knowledge. Fees are not determined based on the value of the jewelry, but instead on the time spent on the appraisal. Specialty items may require additional research.



  • In-office, In-home or In-business valuation.
  • Professional documentation that’s universally accepted by legal and financial institutions.
  • Current market research.
  • Interactive experience - we listen and are open to your questions and requests.
  • Flexible appointment scheduling.
  •  Full disclosure policy: our appraisals are complete.
  • Appraisal time is approximately 30 minutes per piece.


Appraisal Fee Per Item  ~  $125

Additional Items 5 or more pieces  ~  20% discount

Gold Items without Diamonds or Gems   ~ $75

Surcharge Fee – Specialty Piece *  ~ $50

Estate Valuation  ~ $250 per hour. Plus minimal travel cost

Home, Business or Remote Location  ~ $250 per hour. Plus minimal travel cost

*Specialty Items: Colored diamonds (other than brown or black), high-quality rubies, blue sapphires from Burma (Myanmar), sapphires from Kashmir and Montana, high-grade watches such as (but not limited to) Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Prominent Jewelers such as (but not limited to) Cartier, Tiffany & Co, Harry Winston, and similar must be evaluated before a quote can be given and may require additional research.