For some, being a jeweler is a profession, but for Boris, it was destiny. His last name “Shmukler” means “jeweler” in Yiddish, and yet he didn’t know this prior to embarking on his path...


With a vocation in jewelry that began in Israel, developed in the U.K., and flourished in the U.S., Boris’s expertise spans over two decades. Boris first began acquiring his training in the Israeli market, where he learned diamond cutting and jewelry making within the Israel Diamond Institute. Subsequently, he completed his courses at the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A), which is the world’s most established provider of gem and jewelry education, as well as the Gemological Institute of America, where he received the GIA-DG (diamond graduate credential).

Now in California, Boris and his wife Irina, who is the heart of the business, created a "Shmukler Design" to continue a legacy, and deliver a more personal service and considered artistry to the area.



The keynote of Boris’ distinctive style is his ability to adapt his designs to the personality, character and life of his clients, as well as showcase his passion for art, nature and life. With his technical mastery, precision and engineering, Boris focuses on creative settings for diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones, displaying them to their optimal advantage. Fusing old-world techniques and elements with new-world refinement and contemporary flair, something he has both lived and perfected as a craft, Boris at Shmukler Design delivers a personal and inspired fine jewelry service, as well as a spirited new philosophy when it comes to design.