All custom jewelry design, including custom engagement rings, goes through a meticulous process to ensure a flawless result.

You can be as involved as little or as lot as you like. Each step of the process takes place in the studio – nothing is outsourced. Our technology and materials provide superior detail and precision.  

We use our own laser-welding technology for creating intricate design work, as well as a 3D CAD/CAM printer for custom-made styles and product development. Here’s how it works…


The consult

Jewelry is an expression of who you are. We’ll meet and talk about your preferences, and what makes a design “you”. For creating a custom engagement ring, we will talk about your beloved, and plan on working in special details that suit her perfectly.


The hand-sketch.

We’ll create an initial illustrated version, an architectural layout of your design style to refine our ideas for stone settings, dimensions, textures and other details.


Quote and deposit

Quote and deposit. Based on all of your selections, we will provide you with a quote for your custom creation, and will require a deposit to commence works.


The 3D Prototype

The 3D Prototype. Using CAD computer design techniques, you can see your custom jewelry design come to life in displays of multi-angled renderings of your piece and a three-dimensional wax model. At this point, we can still make more changes to make sure your design is perfect.

25k x 20k.jpg

Creation and delivery

Creation and delivery. Once we have your final approval, Boris will cast your design in the agreed precious metals and meticulously set the gemstones. Your beautifully finished piece will be ready for pick-up.