We believe that first and foremost, you must have the peace of mind that your appraiser is honest and ethical. It is these socially conscious principles that entrust Shmukler Design appraisal services to Wells Fargo Bank, All State Insurance, Farmers Insurance, and many other financial institutions.  Here are a few other qualities we uphold:



With the time and attention we spend weekly on market research at Shmukler Design, we are confident in the valuation that is documented in your insurance policy or listed in your estate sale. Our clients say it best:


“After my mother passed away, we wanted to work with an appraiser who was sensitive to the sentiment of these items and would help us also attain a fair market price for items that she had left to me. After the thorough work provided by Shmukler Design – we listed our pieces at the recommended price and we were able to sell each one for the requested price.”


The unique quality that Boris Shmukler offers in his experience is that he has worked in the jewelry business from every angle. From a Diamond Cutter to Jewelry Designer to Jewelry Store Owner to qualified Gemologist, Boris has over 25 years of hands-on jewelry experience that simply cannot be obtained from coursework. Working with gems, literally from the ground up, has been an advantage to Boris in providing accurate and thorough appraisals.

Experienced Appraisal for Insurance

Appraisal Jewelry

Customer Service

In the appraisal industry, customer service means sensitivity to the sentiment tied to some of your most precious possessions, along with a respect for your time, the timeliness of your required appraisal and of course, confidentiality.

Your documentation (photo) will include two original hard copies, one for your records and one for the agency requesting the appraisal. A digital copy may also be available upon request. Our documentation provides full disclosure of all aspects of your assets.


An added bonus, Shmukler Design is a tri-lingual operation. Boris speaks English, Russian and Hebrew for your convenience.

Documentation is only available in English.

אני מדבר עברית -We speak Hebrew for your convenience.

Я говорю по-русски - We speak Russian for your convenience.